How my Son Refusing School Trained Me as a Parent During a Pandemic

I had a startling revelation: THIS is what my last 4.5 months have been FOR.

I also came to the realization that the landscape at home now called for new ways to see my kids and what they needed.

And not just survive — but seize a very unique opportunity to actually THRIVE in the months ahead.

I’m opening an online support group to 8 (max 12) willing parents that wish to find the support they need that allowed me to show up the way my kids need me to be.

  • How to stay caring Alpha in extenuating/unusual circumstances
  • How NOT to feed already high levels of anxiety in our children
  • How PLAY has been the therapeutic healing piece to quell anxiety
  • How recognizing that BRIDGING the divide of what is missing and matchmaking, has given me the ability to transition my son BACK to school (can you imagine our children’s response to school after being way from it for over 5 months? There will be more than a few kids like my son come back to school time)
  • what ARE the alternative education options for my children out there other than traditional brick and mortar school? Am I really fit to HOMESCHOOL? (the surprising answer was/IS: YES)
  • how GRIEVING my own losses for myself personally has allowed me to continue to show up as the parent my son needed me to be
  • And most importantly A place to safely put our own trials and tribulations, laughs and groans about our journey in the next several months. To share a collective laugh, cry collective tears and find true adaptation and growth in the most trying of circumstances in our lifetime as parents of kids with school aged -children.

Please contact me if you would like to participate in this ON-LINE group:




A Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Seeker and HUMAN.

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Shaya Sy-Rantfors

Shaya Sy-Rantfors

A Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Seeker and HUMAN.

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